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5 Quotes on Love You’ll Love

“All you need is love,” “love is in the air,” “love the one you’re with”:  These are quotes on love that we know from pop culture, but they don’t typically help us to practically improve our love or our relationships in our day-to-day experience.  In honor of our upcoming “Love Heals” meditation retreat, here are 5 quotes on love from our founder, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, that you’re sure to truly love.
Meditation Course South Carolina

1.  “Love is the real inner protection against suffering.”

From the book: Transform Your Life

When we have a mind of love, we naturally feel happy and well-disposed towards others.  Although attachment, which we often confuse for love, frequently causes pain, real love never causes suffering.


2.  “Meditation on love is very powerful.  Even if our concentration is not very strong we accumulate a vast amount of merit.”

From the book:  Transform Your Life

In Buddhism, “merit” is another word for positive karma, positive energy, or good fortune.  Meditating on love causes us to accumulate a great deal of positive energy, even if our concentration is weak, because it is such a pure-hearted mind that wishes for others to be happy.  The great Buddhist master Nagarjuna said that meditating on love for just one moment was more powerful than giving food to all living beings three times per day.


3.  “…if we have a relationship with someone, and we love and care for them, we will both be happy; but, if we are concerned only with ourself, our partner will soon become unhappy and our friendship will not last.”

From the book:  Universal Compassion

In this quote, Geshe Kelsang reminds us that selfish intentions destroy our love.  Frequently, we hope our partner will do what we want him or her to do, and we think that we will be happy as a result.  However, because happiness is a state of mind, the buoyant, peaceful mind of love is the actual cause of our happiness, whereas manipulative and self-serving attitudes will destroy that happiness.


4.  “All our present and future happiness depend upon our cherishing others.”tyrell vicki web-size

From the book:  Universal Compassion

Buddhist practitioners believe in karma, which means that all our experiences arise from previous causes.  When people are kind to us, therefore, it is because we have been kind to others in the past.  If we want to enjoy good relationships with others, we will cherish them with a loving mind, because our kindness and love will result in others being kind and loving us in the future.  Understanding the wisdom of karma is one way we can motivate ourselves to love others.


5.  “We have discovered an inexhaustible fountain of happiness within our own mind — our love for others.”


From the book:  Transform Your Life


When we become enlightened beings, we will be happy indefinitely.  This happiness will come from our universal love for all living beings.  As Geshe Kelsang puts it later in the same paragraph:  “When we become a Buddha our happiness radiates eternally as compassion, nourishing all living beings and gradually drawing them to the same state.”


Don’t forget to sign up for our Love Heals meditation retreat, happening at Santee State Park March 7 – 9!


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