Charleston Meditation Class

Current Series: Overcoming Anger, Frustration and Irritation


We all want to be happy, but our negative habits of anger, frustration and irritation rob us of the happiness we desire. Through practicing Buddha’s teachings we can learn how it is possible to reduce the frequency and intensity of our anger, and eventually eradicate it altogether. We can then naturally inspire those around us to do the same!


January 13 — Calming the Heat of Anger with Kelsang Jangchen
January 20 — Who’s to Blame? with Phyllis Young
January 27 — Accepting Reality with Frances McLeod

February 3 — No Charleston class; Please join us in Columbia for Becoming a Spiritual Warrior with Visiting Guest Teacher Gen Tenzin

February 10 — How to Deal with Painful Feelings
February 17 — The Truth about Anger