Susan Nelson

Adventures of a Meditator, Episode #2

Susan Hills Nelson lives in Columbia, SC, and works as an attorney for Nelson Mullins Riley Scarborough. She has also been attending Ganden Kadampa Buddhist Center for about four years. This year, she made a New Year’s Resolution to meditate every day. She’ll be giving us a weekly update on this blog to let us know how it’s going.

Susan Nelson

February 16, 2014

Two weeks of daily meditation down!

I overcompensated for my mental sleepiness during meditation this week by waking up early and drinking two full cups of espresso roast coffee. And a dollop of mint chocolate chip ice cream in the coffee because I was out of creamer. Big mistake.

My meditation went something like this:

peacefulbreathingwowitiscoldrightnowineedtobuycreamerwhatshouldI eatforbreakfastohwaitnoiamsupposedtobemeditatingishouldbemeditat
ingwhatismyobjectagain?coldcoldcccccolddudewhatisthetemperature inthiroomibetitislike50degreesmaybeishouldgetupandturnitupnostop iampeaefulbreathingpeacefulbreathingpeacefulbreathingsoverypeace fulandccccccoooooooooolllllllllllddddddddcoldcoldcoldwhattimeis itiamsureatleast20minuteshaspassedwhereisthatbellineedtogetupand checkonthebellwhatifsomethinghappenedandthebellisnotgoing toringandiwillbestucksittinghereforever???

So word to the wise, one cup of coffee before early morning meditation should really do the trick. Otherwise you are in for a REALLY slow meditation with WAY too many distracting thoughts racing through your mind.

In other news, I managed to meditate twice in the same day on not one but two occasions this week. True, they were snow days and I was avoiding work… but two meditations in one day nonetheless. The second meditation of the day on my double-meditation days was MUCH more peaceful than the first. I did not feel like meditating, but when I sat down for the second time I was able to concentrate on my object and had much less mental agitation/distraction. Conclusion: Snowcation = Dharma realization!

Final thought for the week. Although I am not experiencing much peace during my meditation sessions (double-dip sit days excluded), this week was certainly an improvement over last week. I was much less annoyed. Much less cranky. I was only frickle-frackle-frazzled-Susan one day this week.

Can I hear the sound of one hand clapping yet, you ask?

(crickets chirping in background)

No. Not yet. But I have hope.

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