Meditation in Columbia

A Guided Meditation for Beginners

Meditation is a powerful way to reduce stress and increase our peace of mind. However, sometimes it is helpful to have an experienced teacher guide us in this process if we are new to meditating. So sit back and enjoy this guided meditation by American Buddhist monk and US National Spiritual Director of the New Kadampa Tradition, Gen Kelsang Jampa. Read more

Four Aspects of a Kadampa Buddhist Temple

Every part of a Buddhist temple has special significance.  In this post, we’ll look at four aspects of a Kadampa Buddhist temple and explain their meaning. Read more

Can Love hurt?

Can Love Really Hurt?

From pop songs to our own parents, we have all heard it before: “Love hurts”. In our close relationships with others there seems to exist both an incredible potential for joy and happiness, as well as the potential for incredible pain. When our loved one disappoints us, pushes our buttons, or when or relationship falls apart altogether, we often feel unhappy.  From a Buddhist point of view, however, this idea that love brings with it a potential for pain couldn’t be further from the truth. Read more

Buddhist meditation

What is Buddhist Meditation?

It seems like everyone is talking about meditation these days. Scientists are studying it. Celebrities are trying it. Even the U.S. military is experimenting with it.

But what is meditation? More specifically, what is Buddhist meditation? This short post should help clear things up.

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Meditation benefits

7 Real-Life Benefits of Meditation

There has been a lot of research lately about the benefits of meditation.  Among other things, scientists have shown that regular prayer and meditation reduce the body’s stress response, change the structure of the brain for the better, decreases anxiety and depression, and reduces loneliness.  Amazing results, right?

Well, we at Kadampa Meditation Center South Carolina have lots of respect for science, but the majority of us aren’t scientists ourselves.  Instead of double-blind studies and drawing blood samples, we decided to simply ASK some of our students what kinds of differences they’ve seen in their lives thanks to regular meditation.  Here are 7 of their stories.

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Correct meditation posture

Seven tips for a perfect meditation posture

One of the essential preparations for our meditation session is sitting in a correct meditation posture.  This will allow us to stay alert and comfortable for the meditation session. It is acceptable to sit either in a chair or on the floor. If we sit on the floor, we can try to approximate as closely as possible the seven points of Buddha Vairochana’s posture. Read more

setting up a meditation space

How to Set up a Meditation Space in Four Easy Steps

To see our post on meditation posture, click here. The importance of creating a dedicated space for meditation cannot be overstated. A dedicated meditation space inspires us, focuses the mind, and is an important part of making meditation a habit. This habit of consistent meditation practice is how we reap the transformative benefits meditation has to offer. Read more

New Year's Eve

How to Make Every Day Like New Year’s Day

There is something about the New Year that seems fresh and different. It feels like we’ve been given a clean slate and the upcoming year seems full of possibility. We become energized and feel ready to change or improve ourselves. We even make resolutions to ourselves and others to make this change happen. We all know the trend, the gyms fill up in January and we stick to our resolutions for a while, but by February and March they empty back out. Read more

Keeping New Year's Resolutions

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions: Three Tips Inspired by Buddhist Teachings

Making New Year’s resolutions is easy enough, but how do you actually keep them?  If you’re like most people, by the end of February, your resolutions are all but forgotten.

The experience of breaking your New Year’s resolutions can be a frustrating one, so how can you make sure that 2015’s resolutions are different?  Here are three tips inspired by Kadampa Buddhist teachings for making sure that you keep your resolutions.

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meditation retreat south carolina

Meditation Retreats: December’s Living Lightly Retreat

Recently, KMC SC hosted a weekend meditation retreat at Santee State Park in Santee, South Carolina.  The state park, which is located on Lake Marion, provided a tranquil, peaceful environment for our retreat on Buddha’s wisdom teachings.

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