meditation and family

Meditation and Family Life

Meditation and family life, these two can seem like an oxymoron. Meditation brings to mind introspection, reflection, deep thought, and quiet time; words that don’t seem to have any relationship to family life.

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Sewing Buddhist Robes - Group Shot

Learning to Sew Buddhist Robes

This guest post is from Dorothy Stafford.  Dorothy has been a member of the Center for almost six years and she is a part of our Foundation Program study class.  Last summer, she traveled to England to take a course on sewing Buddhist robes.  Here’s her story.

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How One Student Used Dharma to Kick an Addiction

The following post was written by a student at KMC SC who has utilized Dharma teachings as a method for kicking a fairly serious drug habit over a period of several years.  It is offered here in the spirit of encouragement and inspiration, and it is not at all meant to suggest that Dharma is the only way, or even the best way, to address an addiction problem.

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Three Spiritual Lessons from Inmates

Gen Kelsang Nyema is Ganden Center’s Resident Teacher.  Since 2008, she has taught extensively in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia.  In this post, Gen Nyema explores three spiritual lessons she’s learned from teaching in South Carolina state prisons. Continue reading…