Correct meditation posture

Seven tips for a perfect meditation posture

One of the essential preparations for our meditation session is sitting in a correct meditation posture.  This will allow us to stay alert and comfortable for the meditation session. It is acceptable to sit either in a chair or on the floor. If we sit on the floor, we can try to approximate as closely as possible the seven points of Buddha Vairochana’s posture. When sitting on the floor, we should sit on a cushion to elevate the hips to allow for a straight back with the pelvis tilted forward. The seven points of Vairochana’s meditation posture are:

1. The legs are crossed against each thigh in the vajra posture.

2. Place the right hand in the left with the palms up and the thumbs slightly touching. Place the hands slightly below the navel.

3. The back is straight but not tense.

4. Hold the lips together lightly and place the tongue against the back of the upper teeth.

5. Tilt the head forward with the chin tucked slightly down.

6. Keep the eyes half open and the gaze along the line of the nose.

7. Keep the shoulders level and hold the elbows slightly away from the sides.

The seated meditation posture is something we will grow accustomed to over time, but it is a worthwhile pursuit.

Paraphrased from Joyful Path of Good Fortune by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.


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