Sunday Morning Class at KMC South Carolina

Sundays, 10:30am – 11:45am
June 18 – August 6
with Buddhist Teacher, Mark Gould
at KMC South Carolina (2999 Sunset Blvd., Suite 101, W. Columbia, SC 29169)
$10 or $5 students/seniors or $15/family

Most people understand that the quality of their thoughts determines the quality and experience of their whole life.  What we often do not understand, however, is how the mind produces these thoughts or how to change them.

In this class series, we will explore the nature of the mind, how it functions, and how we can change it, one thought at a time.  Once we understand how our mind works, we’ll gain the ability to create more and more positive states of mind, and thereby come to live in a more positive world.

Class Schedule:

June 18:  What is the mind?

June 25:  Five factors in every state of mind, part 1

July 2:  Five factors in every state of mind, part 2

July 9:  Understanding the roles of mindfulness and alertness

July 16:  Why positive minds are the source of happiness

July 23:  The most important positive minds for a happy life

July 30:  How negative states of mind arise

August 6:  Two inner enemies to watch out for

We’re Family Friendly! 

We have a kid’s class in conjunction with our adult’s class and a video link of the teaching is available in a family area for parents with babies and smaller children.


Kadampa Meditation Center South Carolina

2999 Sunset Blvd., West Columbia 29169

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