Meditation in Asheville, NC

Meditation in Asheville

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The Meditation in Asheville group offers practical meditation classes, workshops, and meditation retreats in Asheville to help everyone develop a peaceful state of mind.  Our meditation classes are based in the Kadampa Buddhist tradition and are open to everyone, you do not need to have experience or be Buddhist to benefit from the teachings and meditations.

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Meditation in Asheville Weekly Classes

Sunday Evenings

Sundays, 7:00pm – 8:30pm
April 30 – June 4 (no class April 23)
with Buddhist Teacher, Sharon Lovich
at 1070 Tunnel Road, Bldg 2, Unit 20 (Behind Pomodoro’s), Asheville NC 28805
$10 or $5 students/seniors (free for Monthly Members)

“With my mind free from the crippling conception of doubt I should meditate on jealousy, competitiveness, and pride.” – Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life, Shantideva (AD 687-763)

How much of our suffering comes from comparing ourself against others? In these classes, we will look at simple ways of changing our perspective, so that when we see others’ good qualities, we can lift ourselves up instead of putting ourselves down. When we don’t get what we want, we can be happy anyway, and we can accept ourselves as we are while gaining the freedom to become who we want to be.

April 30 – Like a Thorn in Our Heart: Overcoming Jealousy

May 7 – Letting Go of Competitiveness: Accepting Defeat and Offering the Victory

May 14 – Deflating the Puff of Deluded Pride: Developing Humility

May 21 – Special Class: The Emptiness of the I

May 28 – Breaking Through Spiritual Complacency

June 4 – Developing Self Confidence

Tuesday Evenings

with Buddhist Teacher, Sharon Lovich
at 1070 Tunnel Road, Bldg 2, Unit 20 (Behind Pomodoro’s), Asheville NC 28805
$10 or $5 students/seniors (free for Monthly Members)

Many people are developing an interest in Buddhism and meditation these days, in part because of it’s user friendly and practical approach to solving our daily problems. Buddhism teaches us to take responsibility for ourselves, our actions, and the consequences of our actions.

Through meditation we can follow the same path of inner transformation that Buddha followed and eventually attain a lasting inner peace and real power to benefit other living beings.

In this series we will explore basic Buddhist view, intention, and action, and how to implement these time tested teachings into Modern Busy life.                                                                                  

Class Schedule:

May 2 — Who was Buddha?

May 9 – What is Meditation?

May 16 – Understanding the Mind

May 23 — Inspiring Ourself

May 30 – No Class tonight

June 6 – A Buddhist approach to Daily life

Thursday Mornings

with Buddhist Teacher, Sharon Lovich
at 1070 Tunnel Road, Bldg 2, Unit 20 (Behind Pomodoros), Asheville NC 28805
$10 or $5 students/seniors (free for Monthly Members)

In these drop-in classes we will focus on the relaxing and peaceful meditation on the mind. This sublime meditation is renowned for being one of the most effective methods for developing concentration, finding relaxation, and overcoming stubborn mental habits.

These classes are appropriate for everyone and chairs will be provided.

Thursday Evenings (Study Program)

Thursdays, 6:30pm – 9:00pm

at 1070 Tunnel Road, Bldg 2, Unit 20 (Behind Pomodoro’s), Asheville NC 28805
with Buddhist Teacher, Sharon Lovich

$60 per month (even during months we do not meet for class)
$35 per month for limited income students

Click here to see all the perks of your “Supporting Member” membership.

The 2017 term begins Thursday, January 26. You’re welcome to try 2 classes at no cost and no commitment to see if you’re interested in the program.

NEW FP BOOK: How To Understand the Mind

‘We often say, “My Mind, my mind”, but if someone were to ask us, “What is your mind”, we would have no correct answer. This is because we do not understand the nature and function of the mind correctly.’

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

This book offers us deep insight into our mind, and shows how an understanding of its nature and functions can be used practically in everyday experience to improve our lives.

The Foundation Program is a profound and practical way to deepen your experience and practice of these meaningful teachings.

Check out our Foundation Program page for more information about the study program.

Class Teacher

SharonAsheville Branch Teacher:

Before Sharon moved to Asheville in 2011, she volunteered as the Education Program Coordinator for several years at Kadampa Meditation Center New York, where she also guided retreats and taught classes.

Today, Sharon is a part of the Special Teacher Training Program and teaches our Asheville branch class. Sharon and her husband have one son.

Workshops and Events

Class Updates

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Special Events in Asheville

In addition to our weekday classes in these branch locations, we also offer Saturday workshops approximately once every-other-month.  Visit our Events page to find out about upcoming events in your region.

Where To Find Us

1070 Tunnel Road Building #2, Unit 20

Asheville, NC 28805

Behind Pomodoros in East Park Center