Bringing Dharma to South Carolina Inmates

“I feel that in here [prison] the Dharma is very important.  The Dharma changes lives and that is something as you can tell we all need.  Speaking for myself, Buddhism has helped me with kicking a drug problem and has taught me how to first love and respect myself and because of that I love and respect others.  If I hadn’t found the Dharma then I probably would have ended up dead.”

SC Inmate

“Altogether, our practice as a group has improved — mainly because we’re more skilled at ‘how’ to practice.  I stopped randomly selecting our meditations… and for the past couple of months we’ve began class with ‘Inner Peace’ and ended with ‘Cherishing Others.’  I wanted us to truly focus on these minds, to become familiar with them because to me they are Wisdom and Compassion, the essence of Dharma.”

Inmate Class Coordinator

Please Support This Important Outreach Program

Kelsang Tabkay and other teachers at KMC SC have been working with inmates at a high-security men’s prison for over four years.  If you would like to support these efforts, please make a donation using the PayPal button below.  KMC SC is happy to offer meditation and Buddhist teachings at other institutions.