Introduction to Foundation Program

Thursday 7-9pm, Sept 30, 2021

with Kelsang Jangchen

In-Depth Study & Meditation

Foundation Program is ideal for those who have been attending classes at KMC SC and would like to deepen their study and meditation experience. 

In this introductory class, you will learn about the purpose and benefits of the Foundation Program, the structure and commitments of the class, and receive an overview of the book being studied Joyful Path of Good Fortune

Free Introduction

This Introduction is for anyone who has a sincere wish to go deeper in their Kadampa Buddhist study and meditation practice. 

Special Covid Statement

We have been live-streaming on Zoom, however, by November 2021 we hope to offer a "mixed class" where folks who wish could meet in person in Columbia (with masks) and others could tune in on Zoom.