The Prison of the Illusory Mind

with Special Visiting Teacher Gen Demo

Saturday, January 19

10 am – 3:15pm

$40 (Click to learn about member discounts)

(optional $5 lunch — register by January 16 to reserve lunch)


Our attitudes about our self often trap us into feeling unable to achieve the goals that we set for ourself, and undermine our confidence to make changes in our life. We can discover  that our beliefs are wrong; that we actually have a self that is flexible and changing all the time.

The self that we normally see is created by our illusory mind. Even though our self is just mere conceptual thought, we often think that our self is limited, cannot change, and is a source of disappointment. These beliefs trap us in the prison of the illusory mind. In reality, it is a limitless self, capable of achieving our deepest wishes.

Everyone is welcome.