Why Are We Fundraising?

At Kadampa Meditation Center South Carolina (KMC SC) our goal is to offer profound methods for creating inner peace throughout the Southeast.  To do this, we need the financial ability to support the needs of a full staff of Managers to ensure that the Center can operate smoothly and effectively.

First, we would like to thank all of you for helping us keep KMC SC functioning. We couldn’t do it without you; thank you so much.

Small local Buddhist Centers like ours exist because of volunteers and benefactors — our Sangha.  Memberships, classes and the generous donations of our kind students are how we keep our lights on and offer the beautiful teachings each week that fulfill our purpose here in Columbia.  It’s because of you that our Center is flourishing, and it’s because of you that we are able to offer the same beautiful teachings to students all across the region.

KMC SC currently needs a full-time Administrative Director to help keep the Center operating smoothly and efficiently. The Administrative Director handles the business side of the Center and we need to raise funds to pay a monthly stipend for a full-time position. We also need to raise funds to cover the monthly housing expenses of our Resident Teacher, Kelsang Tabkay.

Fundraising Goal

Our fundraising goal is to raise $10,000.00 to support a full-time Administrative Director, and for monthly living expenses for both our Resident Teacher and the Administrative Director.

As our fundraiser gets going, we would like to ask you to help if you can; every tiny little bit means so much.

When we choose to cherish the Center, the Center can then cherish the community, and step by step we create peace in our homes, our city, our state, our region, and beyond.

As of 9-25-17, we’ve raised roughly $9,500!

How Can I Help?

One-Time Donation

You can click the PayPal button below to make a one-time donation towards our fundraising goal.  If you would prefer not to pay online, you are also welcome to mail your check made payable to KMC South Carolina to 2999 Sunset Blvd., Suite 101, West Columbia, SC 29169.  Don’t forget to put “2017 Fundraiser” in the memo of your check so we know your donation goes towards our Fundraiser.

Monthly Donation

Perhaps you’d like to pitch in, but you don’t have lots of extra cash right now.  Could you spare an extra $5 or $10 a month for a set number of months?  You can sign up via the PayPal link below to have an amount of your choice automatically drafted from your account each month for 6 months.   You can cancel this monthly donation at any time through your personal PayPal account.

Giving up just one cup of Starbucks a month ($5) for half a year and donating that amount to the Center instead would help the Center raise an extra $30!   Giving up one cup of Starbucks a week, and that’s $130!

$5/month Donation:

$10/month Donation:

$25/month Donation:

$50/month Donation:

$100/month Donation:

If you’d like to sign up to donate a different monthly for the next 6 months, please e-mail our Administrative Director.