Stress, anxiety and depression are endemic in our busy, fast paced life. We tend to think that situations or people in our life are the causes of our stress or unhappiness, so we then spend a lot of time mentally trying to figure out how to fix those situations or people, which often just makes our mind busier.

Buddha taught that all our unhappiness, stress and anxiety comes from our mind. More specifically it comes from our unrealistic expectations and our exaggerated views of ourself, people around us, and the world in general.

By learning to identify the actual causes of stress and unhappy thoughts, we can begin to understand how to become free from them. In this retreat, we will explore special ways of thinking and meditations that heal the mind of the source of these problems.

Each session will consist of both guided meditations and talks.

Everyone welcome! Come as you are, no prior preparation or experience needed!


$25  (member discounts apply)

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  • 10am – 11:00am — Teaching and Guided Meditation
  • 11:00am -11:30am — Snack Break
  • 11:30am -12:30pm — Teaching and Guided Meditation