Purifying the Mind

Saturday, November 17
with Kris Dennis & Joe Kovaz
10am – 4:45pm
$30 (Member discounts apply)

Under the influence of negative states of mind we have engaged in many harmful actions. We are not able to take these actions back but we can learn how to purify them.

Every single action of body, speech and mind is a cause, and all our experiences are the effects.  If we ponder all the non-virtuous actions we commit from day to day (much less over a lifetime, or countless lifetimes!), we might get a bit disconcerted.

But fortunately, we are not “stuck” with our karma, there are practices we can do to purify our negative actions. In this workshop learn practical methods to deal with negative karma in a constructive way so that we gradually become less prone to creating negative karma and experiencing suffering.

Everyone welcome.